26 May 2016


Paris Seine Rises to Highest in 34 Years

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Paris Seine River increased to its greatest level in more than 34 years, interfering with train traffic and triggering the Louvre museum to shut to move some its art work from flood-prone storage locations.

As downpours lashed France over the last a number of days, they flooded towns, brought down power lines and obstructed train and roadway traffic in large areas of the center and the northeastern parts of the nation.

18 May 2016


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There's no lack of historic vacation homes, spectacular estates or lavish homes in the South of France, but only the Chateau de la Colle Noire can trace a lineage directly back to Christian Dior.

Dior had big, gorgeous dreams for his france real estate summertime estate, which he purchased in 1951, renovated and owned up until his death in 1957.

14 May 2016

France Is on Strike but the Real Issue

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Many of the nation’s refineries have been on strike for a week. And the chaos has intensified a labor dispute already underway at the nationwide railway.

While the French have stoically gone on with their lives, some demonstrations have actually turned violent: a police vehicle was torched on the streets of Paris May 18. This week, railway workers,

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Thew new service to Bordeaux would kick off in 2019 giving tourists and Bordeaux real estate owners a new super fast way to get to the city. Nicolas Petrovic, the CEO of Eurostar, has already introduced free WiFi and access to around 300 movies on other services allowing passengers to access the web, work and catch up on a must-see movie on the way.

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